30/30 Various episodes including Todd Fraizer Little League World Series for Hock Films  and ESPN.

Rise Against – Face Book. Live broadcast for Face Book’s emerging live stream audience. MCM Productions.

Jim Norton: Mouth Full of Shame - Netflix. Opening sequence DP and show Camera OP. Multi camera performance. Directed by Shannon Hartman.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - Netflix. Camera Op Multi camera days. Various episodes seasons, 1 – 3.

Loyiso Gola - Vimeo. Stand Up comedy special. Multi camera event. For Single Palm Tree Productions.

Road To Roast - Comedy Central. Multi Camera Stand Up elimination show.

Hate Thy Neighbor: Hunting The White Devil - Vice UK. Directed by Dani Maynard.

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog - Hulu. Journalist training  camp for Trump rally. Robert Smigle

Neil Diamond Live - Multi camera concert performance at Erasmus Hall Brooklyn.

Indiana Joes - A & E.  8 x 2 camera episodes of semi scripted reality comedy set in small town Batesville, Indiana.  Directed by Michael Canzoniero & Zig Zag USA.

Michael J. Fox show - NBC.  Camera Operator various episodes for DP John Inwood IATSE local 600.

Celebrity Crime Files - TV1.  12 x Celebrity portrait & crime time line murder stories with recreations.  K-2 Productions.

Reverend Run pilot - A&E.  Comedy home renovation series.  Matt Levine, Departure Films.

Real Sports- HBO.  Steve Sobel portrait for Real Sports shot at NFL Films.

Armageddon 101 - Nat Geographic. Preparedness from natural disasters to doomsday. Two camera location series in the mountains outside Black Hawk Colorado.  Zig Zag USA.

Failosophy - MTV.  Pilot plus fourteen scripted location multi camera comedy series. Stunts include green screen, barf machines, body doubles, explosions & car crashes.  Directed by Payman Bens, Jim Biederman & Jimco.

PBS News Hour. - Various episodes including Placido Domingo & El Systema. An inspired music program that brings classical music study to underprivileged NYC Public School children.  Learning Matters 2007 to present.

You Had To Be There Pilot - MTV Networks.  Sketch comedy with Jimmy Fallon writers Sarah Schaeffer & Nikki Glazer. Location & Studio. Directed by Dave Anderson & MTV

Esquire’s Ultimate Bachelor Pad - DIY.  Super high end host driven renovation of the Wilentas Clock tower in Dumbo.  Directed by Chris Perera.

The Reggie Watt’s Show Pilot. - Comedy Central. Location and studio comedy segments Directed by Jim Biederman & Jimco.

Fugitive Chronicles – A & E. International most wanted crime stories. FBI & various State Police co-operation.  Various Directors.

Muse – Bloomberg TV.  Weekly Arts & Entertainment, premiers & openings, artist & designer profiles. Met Opera, Met Museum, Gogosian, and all that is up scale in NY.

Da Ali G Show – HBO.  Season one Directed by James Bobbin & Talkback Productions.

Flight of the Conchords - HBO Second Camera Op.  Pilot directed by Troy Miller & Dakota North

Pure & Simple – LIME.  Chef Michel Nichan does organic, locavore, low glycemic and diabetic friendly gourmet food. Directed by Matt Levine & Departure Films.

Two Meatballs. - Food Network. In the kitchen with long time friends and Chefs Pino Luongo and Mark Strausman. Competition for the best Meatball recipe. Directed by John Bedolis, Lauren Deen & CBS Productions.

NYPD 24/7 - ABC Television (Producer / Shooter) Embedded with NYPD's Brooklyn South Special Victims Unit.  Executive Produced by Terry Wrong.

Martha Stewart Living. - Various episodes of location and studio, food and beauty with Martha Stewart. Directed by Brooke Altman & MSLTV.

The History of Food & The History of Tools - History Channel. Fouteen episodes including: Beer, Pizza, Candy, Cheese, Potato Chips, Hot Dogs & Drills, Hammers, Planes, etc… Directed by Jim Mullen & Atlas Media.

Mo Roca Election Show - Comedy Central.  Directed by Craig Coffman & Atlas Media.


Sling Shot.  Dean Kamen inventor profile & clean water Feature Doc. Directed by Paul Lazerus.  Sundance Film Festival selection & 3rd place winner Small Films / Big Ideas. 

Portrait of Wally.  Feature Documentary about the Portrait of Wally. painted by Egon Schiele, Owned by Leah Bondi, and stolen by Nazi Fredrick Velds. Directed by Andrew Shae. Tribeca Film Festival premier 2012. Stolen Portrait Productions.

The Good Soldier – PBS. Portraits of Vets from American wars, WWII to present. Directed by Miachel Uys & Lexy Lovell for Bill Moyers & Out Of The Blue Prod.

Nursery University– Showtime. Comic feature Documentary about six families trying to get children into Nursery schools in New York City. Directed by Marc Simon and Matt Maker.

Burning the Future– Sundance Channel. Feature Doc about America’s insatiable need to consume electricity, small town West Virginia versus the Coal Mining industry. Directed by David Novack & Odessa Films.

Klezmatics: On Holy Ground. Feature Doc about the musicians and families that make this awesome band tick. Directed by Erik Anjou.

A Cantor’s Tale– PBS.  Cantor Jack Mendelson on a musical journey from the Golden era of American Jewish liturgical music to present day Cantorial music. Also featuring Jack Ben Zion-Miller, & Alberto Mizrahi. Directed by Erik Anjou.

Angola, The Farm – A&E .  Feature Doc about life & enlightenment in the Louisiana State Prison at Angola. Directed by Johnathan Stack. Sundance Jury Prize, Oscar nomination, & 2 Emmy Awards.

Riding The Rails. – WNET / The American Experience. Life on the rails for children during the Great Depression.  Directed by Michael Uys, Lexy Lovell & Out of the Blue Productions.  


Google – Cheer For Me: Hero Portraits of small business owner operators.

Gates Foundation – Cutting edge education in America. Teachers teaching Teachers.

Microsoft – Various 5D Image / collaboration stories. Integrated Talent

BASF  Global image film. Campus headquarters in Munich to the remote product usage in China, Japan, Brazil, and USA.  Great Jones Productions.


ACS – Various targeted short films for New York’s Child welfare system

AARP – Life Re-Imagined. Branded Latino entertainment and national campaign launch . Impacto Group.

HACR – Insider Game & Outsider Game. Films for Hispanic Association for Corporate Responsibility. Mission statement and content; Chicago, LA, Texas & New York. Impacto Group.

Stand Up 2 Cancer – Laura Linney and Sir Charles Bronson Public service announcements.

UNICEF – Various health films about children: Ethiopia, Botswana, South Africa, Senegal, Cambodia, & Albania. Directed by Robert Mady & Loche Phillips.


  • Sundance Film festival: Small Films / Big Ideas; Third Place.
  • National Emmy Award: Producer for The Good Soldier.
  • Prime Time Emmy Award: Cinematography; The Farm.
  • Academy Award nomination: The Farm.
  • Sundance Jury Prize: The Farm.
  • Peabody Award: Riding The Rails.
  • Sundance Selection: Riding The Rails.


  • International Location Cinematography
  • Hand Held
  • Green Screen & White Cyc
  • Slider & Jib
  • Location & Studio Lighting
  • F55


New York University, Tisch School of Arts, BFA Film Production