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Burna Boy

Babaa Maa

Wunari Kahiu

Tiwa Savage

Adinkra Oracle



Hate Thy Neighbor: Hunting the White Devil.

Happy Birthday

The Fight Card

Sample Reel

Welshly Arms: Legendary

The Set: Mathew Whitaker.

The Set: Gregoire Barrere.

One More

Portrait of Wally

Marian Hill – TALK TO ME

Marian Hill – GOT IT

Marian Hill – I WANT YOU


Bertolli Balsamic Vinegar from Modena.

Tom Shaner – Unprotected Heart

Michelle Malone “Other Girls” (official video)

Tom Shaner – The Tide of Love

Tom Shaner – My House is Green

Tom Shaner – Welcome to Foreverland

Neil Diamond Erasmus Hall.

MTV Failosophy sketch #1

Tom Shaner “Get Real or Get Gone” (Official Video)

Life Re-Imagined

SlingShot: Dean Kamen.

Emily Acosta Cheese Monger.

John Baldessari / Art 21

MTV Failosophy: Grub / Grief

A Cantor’s Tale

Insider Game Trailer

Portrait of a Design Manager / SASD

MTV Failosophy sketch #2

Sharing to Learn / MIT

Nursery University Trailer

Richard Tuttle / Reality & Illusion / Art 21

Michael Gallagher Interview


Princess Rania / One Goal

Richard Foreman / Wake Up Mr. Sleepy!

Collect This

Google / Cheer For Me / long

Reserved / Ralph Lauren Center

Burning the Future Trailer